Wednesday, 16 October 2019

White Metal Bearings

We specialize in the design, manufacturing and repair of white metal bearings from sample or drawing through to final machining and assisting in installation when required. White Metal Bearings are manufactured from virgin materials to suit every industrial application and most overseas specification are available. The bond between Parent Metal & White Metal is ultrasonically tested in house to SANSA Level 2 and if required by independent certified company. All White Metal used are certified, comply with SABS standards and are tested by an independent company.

White Metal Bearing Manufacturing

CJ Compressors Eng. specializes in white metal bearings that can be made virtually to any customer requirement, either as original equipment or replacement parts.  The highest standards of workmanship are maintained using the most up to date machinery, equipment and processes.

White Metal Bearing Repairing

The fully equipped engineering shop of CJ Compressors Eng. specialise in the repair of white metal bearings and are capable of repairing bearings of all sizes and designs.  By using developed techniques we ensure that the quality of repaired bearings is, as far as practical, as high as that of new parts.  





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